Pigz Piggy Bank

Pigz & Robbers, Pigz Piggy Bank is used to build income for all the holders, a long term investment to keep providing rewards when the collection has sold out and also during the mint period.

  • Through Revenue Generating tokens, from Farming, Staking, and Liquidity harvesting, plus reflections with NFTs.

The Pigz Bank will keep creating funds from these tokens and NFTs and generating profits, compounding the interests, setting targets to sell for profits to share a fixed % of Profits divided by 90 for the days, and then the number of NFTs Minted for the cycle, . We will have a tier rewarding system that will start when Pigz and Robbers is 30% Minted. Profits and Gains are sent out at the end of each 90 day cycles.

  • At 30% Minted the 1st 90 day cycle will begin.

At the end of this 90 day cycle, Pigz Bank will be sending out to all the holders starting with our first profits and shares generated.

  • The first Tier will be sharing 25% of all profits gained.

  • The second Tier is 50% of all Profits and Gains will be sent to all wallets that are Holding NFTs.

  • At 75% Minted, we trot into our third Tier of 75% of all Revenue and Profits Generated.

  • When Sold out, we will payout 25% of the profits. This will change to a 4 times a year,

The Payouts will be on the 21st of March, June, September, and 21st of December

For a long Sustainable future, after sell out, the remaining 75% of Funds not shared in the Pigz Piggy Bank, will be compounded through the farms, staking pools and Reflectionary Tokens to keep provide an extra income for holders. The Reduced amount from 75% to 25% is to ensure a sustainable system that keeps rewarding all the NFT. Each payout period can be different in value, depending on market conditions. The rewards after sell out will be shared 4 times a year.

The Pigz Piggy Bank, will grow from the 20% of Minted funds to buy tokens that can be Staked, Farmed and compounded, and added to the few selected investments to diversify, but not to spread thin, this increasing the overall holdings of the Pigz Piggy Banks over a period of time. The 20% fee from all Mints will be added into the investments to compound and increase the overall payouts as we approach a new 90 day cycle.

Updates will be posted regular to our Telegram Pigsty Page to keep all Pigz informed, plus the sharing of an Excel sheet to track activity, records of payouts, wallet addresses and number of NFTs with how much payout is pending for the holders.

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