Mint and join the Pigsty.




Start, BNB Mint for 0.09 Beans

  • 28% For Stakeout Rewards

  • 20% For Pigz Piggy Bank

  • 12% For Slot Machines

  • 7% For Founder and Developer

  • 7% For Silent Partner

  • 5% For Pigz Tokens Growth

  • 4% For Mint Launchpad

  • 2% For Pigz Bounty Hunts

This leaves a very healthy and sustainable amount of 15% of the revenue to use for future development and expansion.

There is much more to come, sit back and relax, enjoy the passive income whilst we keep building for the Pigz future.

How to Mint a NFT

  1. Click the mint button - this will direct you to a Browser, like Google Chrome for example.

  2. Connect you selected wallet with the Mint Dapp on our Minting website.

  3. Select how many Pigz and Robbers NFTs you would like to mint. (max. 50 in 1 transaction)

  4. Ensure you have chosen the correct Network inside your wallet and also in the website, change it to BSC Main Network.

  5. Visit our Telegram provided link bottom of page and see what NFT you have and what rewards you will get, did you hit Jackpot? come and find out.

Important if for someone reason you are unable to connect, please message me inside my Telegram chat and i can help further (Remember I will never message first. DYOR)

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