Pigz & Robbers

Welcome to Pigz and Robbers. A collection of 3333 unique Artificial Intelligent generated images. Pigz are here to Reward its holders short and long term with the utilities to fit the needs of traders or those holders that invest with the NFT project.

Pigz and Robbers are here to bring Communities together with Collaboration, a way to have fun and using them as playing cards, for trading and simply enjoying the pictures created by the AI.

The 3333 Collection has been divided into sub section, we have the following :-

  • 1000 Prison Pigz,

  • 900 Police, FBI, and Army Pigz

  • 100 FBI Badges

  • 1000 Mafia and Gangster Pigz

  • 300 Spartan Swine Pigz

  • 30 Vikings, and Greek God Pigz

  • 3 Extremely Rare Pigz

Each subsection will all have their own different traits, different health, attacks, and shield for battling with. This will be a Tournament base game, where we can mint before to enter and we use that NFTs ID to make it to the end to win BNB

Common 1000 Pigz

Uncommon 900 Pigz

Ultra common 1000 Pigz

Legendary 300 Pigz

Mythical Rare 30 Pigz

Ultra Legendary 3 Pigz

Pigz and Robbers launched Whitelist Mint on 3rd of June 2024

Public Mints will be live for the public to Mint on 13th of June 2024

During the Collection we will see two different mint prices as follows

Whitelist Cost :- 0.03 BNB

Launch Cost :- 0.09 BNB

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100 FBI Mint Passes

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