My name is Kris, also known as CosmicNomics on socials such as X and Kris on Telegram, I am the proud Owner of 'Rich Pigz NFTs'

I have been the new owner since 20th of May 2023

Cosmic Rich Pigz NFT Collection, had a maximum supply of 2,000 Rich Pigz, with our supply reducing with our Sweep and Burn. The NFTs are used to benefit the holders with the following use case.

  • Staking for Passive Income.

  • Raffle Prizes and giveaways.

  • Play to win with Games for BNB and NFTs.

  • Live Mint Competitions.

  • Collaboration events, such as weekly Poker nights

  • Minting Slots Machine, powered GBCC NFTs


Mint Rich Pigz NFT via Rare Board on the following link

Rich Pigz Collection of 2,000 are available for 0.05 BNB each. The NFTs hold a unique identification number, these are the numbers used for Raffles and other Competitions, otherwise Screen names are listed for different entries such as Play to Win or Special exclusive Collaboration Raffles, that are Combined also with current live events. this helping to increase your return on investment.

Cosmic Rich Pigz has a very small supply and it will be used wisely. Staking with Pigz Stake will be our biggest Utility giving a fixed amount of tokens per Day per one NFT staked. Creating a passive income and a return on investment before making future profits. Among the Collection, 4% of the Rich Pigz have a Crown. Making them very rare, that offer the holders much more, such as entry for Royal Raffles, white list for future collection, a share of the Rich Pigz Treasury at sell out. We have weekly events such as Mint entries for Poker, where half the funds add to the prize pool for the players, or join Play to Win BNB with Rich Pigz Gamee competitions and compete for the growing Pigz Pot.


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