Pigz & Robbers, Road Map

1st, Mint Bot, Pigz Slot Machine, Launchpad + Secondary Market Listings.

2nd, Open WL Mint Spots 0.03 BNB for 5 days. Pay out the 50% Cash Back from WL NFTs Minted, PLus all $SCP Tokens

3rd, Start Public Mint 0.09 BNB, Use WL funds for Marketing, AMAs and Collaborations.

4th, Create 1st Pigz and Robbers Tournament, 8 Players to start, then create a regular Battle Program.

5th, 25% Minted Reached, celebrate our milestone, with voting poll for a native token yes/no.

6th, 30% Minted, Set course for new Collaborations, announcements. Start the 1st 90 day cycle from Pigz Piggy Bank.

7th, Announce any new Collaborations, game and tournaments that are soon live.

8th, 50% Minted, Make huge announcement to celebrate through AMAs and further marketing

9th, 75% Minted, deliver our announcement. For the Future ecosystem

10th, 80% Minted, Gather the Community vote for a new 3rd Series. Start the Process ready for the Sell out Raffle to share the Vault.

11th, 100% Minted, Send all Rewards, keep building. Keep rewarding with Pigz Piggy Bank

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